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About Us

Wicked Whiskers Pet Boutique is a local business located in Australia. Wicked Whiskers Pet Boutique was created by the need to buy good quality products for our Jack Russell's. We were always on the look out for nice products for them. We do like to spoil our girls. But we only want to give them quality products. We have found that the cheaper products on the market just dont last.

So we did some research into products and other websites. This spurred us on and Wicked Whiskers Pet Boutique was born.

Because of family members being in the showing side of things, we decided to cater for some your showing needs. And of course we will cover the normal accessories for your pets also.

We aim to bring you good quality products and hopefully unique items also. We are always open to suggestions from our customers on how to make our business better. So please feel free to let us know of any products that you would like to see on our website or any brands that you..   Read more