Aussie Dog Interactive dog toys are designed tough and cater for the smallest best friend to the largest.

Whilst they are tough, the Interactive range is not designed to be left with your dog long term so after play, put
them away.


Blue products – slightly softer and designed for small to medium dogs

Red products – harder products designed for dogs that are of a large size or prefer harder toys

Small size – Small size for best friends 1kg to 30kg

Large size – Large size for best friends over 30kg and hard chewers

Puppy Packs are based on your new best friends expected weight at 12 months:

Mini – new best friend’s expected weight range of 1-5kg

Medium – new best friend’s expected weight range of 5-30kg

Large – new best friend’s expected weight range over 30kg

Nodules, located all around the ball, allow your dog's mouth to easily grip it, even when wet. It resists puncturing and is built to last much longer than the common tennis ball.

  • 100% safe and not-toxic materials and colourings.
  • Size and shape prevents your dog from closing his mouth around the ball and popping it.
  • Ultra durable dog toy.
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